The Glow Recording Studio

Located in Scenic Northwest Athens, GA



  • Crest Vx - 40 Channel Analog Mixer. Fully upgraded/customized for The Glow featuring mic preamps by Jim Williams.


  • Cubase 7

Outboard mic preamps

  • Electrodyne 501

Outboard Compressors/Limiters

  • Louder Than Liftoff Implode! Compressor (1176 Rev. F Circuit)
  • DBX 164 Stereo Compressor [Revive Audio Modified] (VCA)
  • Grommes Precision G8L Stereo Compressor/Limiter (LA3A-Style Opto)
  • Overstayer Stereo Compressor (1176-Style FET)
  • Radial Komit Compressor/Brickwall Limiter(VCA)
  • Vesta Fire SL-200 Stereo Compressor (VCA)
  • Vesta Fire MLM-1 Limiter (VCA)
  • Avensen Audio MN-50 Smash Compressor (FET)

Outboard Effects

  • Tech21 Sansamp RBI (Analog Bass Cabinet Simulator
  • Demeter Real Reverb (Stereo Spring Reverb)
  • Louder Than Liftoff Triode (Tube Saturation)
  • Louder Than Liftoff Pulse Delay (Tape Echo Simulator)
  • RSP Technologies Saturator [Modified] (Tube Saturation)

Outboard EQ

  • Tonelux Tilt 8 (8-Channel Tone Shaping Equalizer)
  • Louder Than Liftoff Rogue-Tec (Pultec-Style EQ))
  • Vesta Fire MPE-1 Parametric EQ


  • A Designs REDDI (All Tube Active Direct Box) 
  • AKG C414EB Condenser (Vintage)
  • Beyerdynamic M88TG Dynamic
  • Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon [x2]
  • Beyerdynamic M201TG Dynamic [x2]
  • Beyerdynamic M422 Dynamic
  • Crown SASS-P MKII Condenser (Quasi-Binaural Stereo PZM Mic)
  • Electro-Voice N/D468 Dynamic [x2]
  • Electro-Voice N/D868 Dynamic
  • Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic
  • Kel HM-2D Condenser [x2]
  • Lewitt DTP 640 REX Dynamic+Condenser (Dual Element Kick Drum Mic) 
  • Neumann U87Ai Condenser 
  • Placid Audio Copperphone Dynamic (Bandpass/Telephone Effect Mic)
  • Radial JDI (Passive Direct Box)
  • Shure SM57 Dynamic [x2]
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic
  • Shure SM91 PZM Condenser [x2]
  • Sontronics Halo