The Glow Recording Studio

Located in Scenic Northwest Athens, GA

Mastering discography

Visitation - Venus
Muuy Biien - D.Y.I.
What Moon Things - What Moon Things
Four Eyes - Welcome To Earth
Green Gerry - King Baby
Murk Daddy Flex - Genesis
Futo - Futo’s Greatest Hits
Malevich - Only The Flies
Scooterbabe - The Sorrow You’ve Been Toting Around
Kissing Booth - Perfecto
Meth Wax - Meth Wax
Sea Ghost - SG
Elf Power - Sunlight On The Moon
Gumshoe - The Bad Route Down
Scooterbabe -
Deep State - Bein’ Mean
Fake Flowers - Wonder Wave
Trip Lacy - Sex Cells
Nihilist Cheerleader - TRUTH or DARE
What Moon Things - Space Jams
Dream Culture - Post Habitual
Brothers - Beautiful
Novelty Foxtrot - Construct
Eddie Rascal - Esoteric Meandering
Saline - Dumb
Boy - It’s Not Yr Birthday
Tongues - Fools Like These
Waitress - Peaked In High School
Brother Mary - Immolate!